Podcast Season 1

Episode 1 – Where Ya From?

Our hometowns, cultures, and family-experiences shape us. Two people can grow up in the same city, but because of their different neighborhoods, perceived race and other influences, can grow up in different worlds. Today, Rich Perez–a pastor with a robust and diverse background–describes the many layers of his life, and how these diverse experiences have offered a unique vantage point to discuss how majority and minority cultures can work together for the good of their neighborhoods.

Guest Bio: Rich Perez is a unique storyteller and thought-leader in the Hispanic-American experience. His life has layers, and Rich has put a lot of time into understanding these layers and how they’ve shaped who he is and what he cares about. In 2011 Rich and his family led a team of friends into his hometown neighborhood (Washington Heights), and started a church that would embrace the very values with which they lived. Rich is the lead pastor of Christ Crucified Fellowship in New York City, where he lives with his wife and kids. Rich is also the author of Mi Casa Uptown: Learning To Love Again.

I think committing ourselves to seeking the good of a neighborhood or a place will undoubtedly foster curiosity in people.

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