Podcast Season 1

Episode 3 – Intersection of Faith and Culture

How far can a Christian blend into the culture before they go too far? How far can a Christian adjust to the culture before compromising Christian convictions? On this episode of Where Ya From, Dr. A.R. Bernard shares his story of discovering Christianity not as a religion, but as a culture. And how his discovery led his church to address the issues of gentrification, low-income housing, and other socio-economic issues affecting many communities in the United States.

Guest Bio: Dr. A.R. Bernard is the founding pastor of the 45,000 member Christian Cultural Center, and has dedicated his life to helping people understand the cultural importance and impact of Jesus’ life and influence. He’s been sought after by Oprah and has served on multiple New York City mayoral transition teams. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Karen.

Christianity was important to me, because for me, it gave me the truth about God, the truth about what it means to be human, the truth about what it means to live in this world.

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